Many of us appreciate the feeling of walking on a solid wood floor, but real wood can be pricey. There are alternative choices to real wood and manufacturers have come up with some flooring solutions to cater for this need.

Engineered wood

The next closest flooring to real wood is the engineered wood. These floors consist of a 3mm top layer which can be sanded and resealed to restore its lustre. The top layer is laminated to layers of wooden boards to form a beautiful wooden floor. The planks are locked in place with a tongue and groove system. The wood planks can be glued directly to the sub floor or a installed onto a rubber underlay. The wood requires a 10mm expansion along all the borders to allow for contraction and expansion.

The thickness of this floor vary from 10 - 22 mm.

Laminated Wood

Laminated wood is manufactured with various layers, starting at the bottom is stabilising layer made of melamine that protects the floor against moisture, the next layer is the high density fibre board gives it the stability, a decorative photo image is impregnated into the board and lastly a protective clear wear layer is added. The laminated flooring is a low cost alternative to real wood flooring and is acclaimed for its attractiveness, durability and with the clock lock system allows for easy installations. The laminate flooring comes in thickness from 6 to 8mm.

Restoration of Solid Wood Flooring (parquet, oregan pine floors)

We also specialise in restoring old wooden floors found in many of the old houses in johannesburg. These floors require some loving attention and with a bit of sanding and a couple of good coats of sealer will restore the wood to its former lustre.


Creating a deck can enhance an outdoor area and add to the natural and earthy feel that many home owners are looking for. There is a wide selection of solid woods that are suitable for decking. Woods are only sourced from reputable timber merchants who ensure the wood are harvested from sustainable forests.

With any good decking a regular maintenance plan must be followed to ensure the longevity of your deck. We also assist with the restoration and maintenance of your decks.

We also install composite decking which requires less maintenance. Composite decking is made from recycled plastic and looks like real wood. Composite decking is more expensive to install but requires no maintenance.


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